Agri Connect publishes Wolboer/Wool Farmer on behalf of the National Wool Growers’ Association (NWGA).


The National Wool Growers’ Association (NWGA) is a national commodity structure formed by commercial and communal wool sheep farmers in South Africa. The NWGA collectively represents all South African wool farmers.

The NWGA has a voluntary membership of more than 10 000 farmers. These members produce more than 80% of the national clip of around 50 million kg of wool annually. Close to 50% of the members of the NWGA are black communal and emerging farmers, with representation on all levels of decision making, including the national executive.

Wool Boer/Wool Farmer is published bimonthly, serving the full value chain of the wool industry. It is a trusted source of science-based information which is communicated responsibly and effectively to the wool industry in South Africa. The aim is to equip wool farmers with practical, factual information helping them manage successful wool-farming businesses. The publication also strengthens and builds the NWGA brand.

Content is developed across the industry value chain. Bimonthly themes are aligned with production and environmental cycles. Content is generated with a focus on issues that matter most under the editorial pillars of management, production, research and development, products and lifestyle. Contributing authors include agricultural researchers, veterinarians, wool farmers and specialists in relevant subject areas.

The bulk of the publication is mailed to farmers who are members of the NWGA. Other readers include industry stakeholders, government officials, input suppliers and service providers.



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