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Regular publications

Predation Management Forum Newsletter

The Predation Management Forum (PMF) aims to provide guidelines and advice to producers on  managing predation in the most humane and environmentally sustainable way i.e. it guides producers to undertake integrated management. The monthly electronic newsletter containing relevant news and advice, is part of an active communication strategy in support of their mandate.


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Once-off publications

Livestock Production Manual

Handleiding vir veeproduksie

PMF Predasiebestuurshandleiding

Ten einde vee- en wildboere te help om predatore op hul plase te beheer en te bestuur, het die Predasiebestuursforum (PMF) ’n predasiebestuurshandleiding ontwikkel in samewerking met twee bedryfskundiges, dr. Gerhard Verdoorn en Niel Viljoen. Hierdie handleiding is ’n eenstop-hulpmiddel wat hom ten doel stel om boere te help om die predatore op hul plase te identifiseer en die beste metodes te kies om hierdie probleemdiere te beheer.

PMF Predation Management Manual

In order to help livestock and game farmers control and manage predators on their farms, the Predation Management Forum (PMF) developed a predation management manual in collaboration with industry experts Dr Gerhard Verdoorn and Niel Viljoen. This manual is an one-stop tool aimed at helping farmers identify the predators on their farms and choosing the best methods to control them.

The Manual for the Prevention of Stock Theft was published on behalf of the National Stock Theft Prevention Forum. The guide covers all aspects of stock theft and how to combat it. The two best-known Acts applicable to stock theft – the Animal Identification Act and the Stock Theft Act – are dealt with in detail. Other relevant legislation is also discussed, e.g. the Trespassing Act and the Fencing Act.

The correct steps officials should take once stock has been stolen, how the Criminal Procedure Act works and where to seek assistance if you are dissatisfied, are highlighted. QR codes are used throughout to provide the reader access to the Acts as they appear in the Government Gazette. The various articles of the Acts that are discussed are quoted verbatim at the beginning of the discussion (in grey boxes), followed by a discussion of the implications for livestock owners.