The Dairy Mail

Regular publications

Lacto Data

Lacto Data is published twice annually on behalf of Milk SA and is distributed with The Dairy Mail. The purpose of the publication is to make information available about the structure and performance of the dairy industry, with the objective of promoting optimal development of the industry to the benefit of the dairy industry and consumers.


Once-off publications

The Cape Made Kitchen – taste the alternatives

The Cape Made Kitchen – taste the alternatives. “Recipes developed by The Private Hotel School, brought to you by seven partners to showcase alternative crops and products. We sincerely hope that this recipe book in particular, will inspire you to include these exciting products in your shopping basket and cooking at home!” Dr Ilse Trautmann, Project leader: Cape Made Kitchen, WCDoA.

Share-milking project 2015

Sharemilking Project cover

In its most basic form, sharemilking means one farmer owns the livestock and another, the land. By means of a contract between the parties, they share the gains from the farming operation. This publication was developed by the MPO as a manual to assist farmers in becoming knowledgeable in the basic principles of sharemilking.

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Transformation Handbook

Transformation Handbook COVER

Milk SA, its two members (the MPO and SAMPRO) and other organisations are undertaking various initiatives to empower black entrepreneurs to become more successful and contribute to a more competitive South African dairy industry. This publication serves as a practical guide for people who would like to become involved in empowerment and transformation of the South African dairy industry, and for entrepreneurs who need practical guidance in this regard.