Livestock Production Manual

Handleiding vir veeproduksie

AgriProbe Vol 16 No 3

Agbiz Biennial Report 2016 – 2018

The strategic intent of Agbiz is to advocate for and facilitate a favourable agribusiness environment in order for its members to perform competitively and sustainably.

AgriDeal – Vol 4 September 2018

The AgriDeal magazine is published for the Food, Agriculture & Natural Resources Policies Analysis Network (FANRPAN).

Veterinary helminthology

Veterinary helminthology for South Africa is a textbook intended primarily as a tool for veterinarians, veterinary students and technicians in Africa. It is published for Afrivet.

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KatoenSA / CottonSA

KatoenSA / CottonSA is published for Cotton South Africa, a non-profit organisation that brings together both private and public sector organisations involved in the entire cotton industry value chain, including producers, organised labour, consumer organisations, input suppliers and service providers.

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PMF Predasiebestuurshandleiding

Ten einde vee- en wildboere te help om predatore op hul plase te beheer en te bestuur, het die Predasiebestuursforum (PMF) ’n predasiebestuurshandleiding ontwikkel in samewerking met twee bedryfskundiges, dr. Gerhard Verdoorn en Niel Viljoen. Hierdie handleiding is ’n eenstop-hulpmiddel wat hom ten doel stel om boere te help om die predatore op hul plase te identifiseer en die beste metodes te kies om hierdie probleemdiere te beheer.

PMF Predation Management Manual

In order to help livestock and game farmers control and manage predators on their farms, the Predation Management Forum (PMF) developed a predation management manual in collaboration with industry experts Dr Gerhard Verdoorn and Niel Viljoen. This manual is an one-stop tool aimed at helping farmers identify the predators on their farms and choosing the best methods to control them.

Ticks and tick-borne diseases monographs 1 & 2

Tick Manual VOL 2_COVER Tick Manual VOL 1_COVER

Ticks and tick-borne diseases monograph 1 and 2 is a series of publications published for Afrivet. Monograph 1 is a comprehensive and well-illustrated guide to ten of the tick species of economic importance in South Africa. Monograph 2 is a complete and well-illustrated guide to the identification of African tick species. Monograph 4 summarises the effect of ticks on livestock – including small stock and game animals.

Information contained in these booklets briefly summarise the material used by Afrivet Training Services for formal training of animal health technicians, extension officers, livestock farmers and livestock handlers.

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