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As a full-service media company, Agri Connect is a specialist in conceptualising and implementing integrated marketing communication strategies for targeted audiences in the primary and secondary agricultural industries


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Targeted content – Targeted readership – Targeted advertising results

Agri Connect’s award-winning products are designed to deliver content across agricultural industry value chains. Our content solutions are produced by leading agricultural journalists and graphic designers. We also draw on resources of a national and international network of expert contributors and deliver to a readership collectively representing a R146 billion industry.

We produce

  • Magazines and annuals
  • Coffee table books
  • Learning materials for tertiary institutions
  • Educational publications, study guides and training manuals
  • Promotional material (pamphlets, posters, catalogues, brochures, banners)
  • Annual reports
  • Congress and research papers
  • Electronic newsletters
  • Podcasts

Choose Agri Connect for your publishing needs

  • We are trustworthy, reliable, professional and will guide you on your publishing venture,
  • give individual attention and work closely with our clients at all stages,
  • accommodate individual needs in conceptualising a look and feel,
  • are cost-effective without compromising on quality,
  • use a mix of technologies to achieve excellent printing standards and durable bindings,
  • publish mainly in Afrikaans and English and, to a lesser extent, in other African languages,
  • offer a variety of editorial services and distribution methods,
  • unite the print and digital worlds, complementing our various print offerings with digital versions.